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Family & Senior Portraits

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Family and Senior Portraits

Our passion for nature and the outdoors is reflected in our approach to family and senior portraits.  Totally unscripted and organic.  there is something about sharing and capturing your special moments.  those Snapshots in time that will be cherished forever.



Make family portraits a priority

We're all busy, going in a million different directions.  Sometimes we take for granted the things that really matter in our lives, Family.  Seize every opportunity to spend time with your families and make sure you get your family portraits done!  Kids grow up so fast, make sure you capture those great memories while you can.


Senior Portraits As unique as you are

The world is your oyster!  You're on the cusp of a new chapter in your life.  Celebrate all of your successes and your future by having your senior portraits done.  You are unique, so your senior portraits should reflect your individuality.  Let us help you create your keepsakes.



family portraits are priceless!

Life changes so rapidly.  Family portraits matter because they freeze moments in our lives that pass unremarkably and which seem to have little importance to us at the time.  There is no replay or rewind in life.  With each passing moment you're becoming part of the past.  Make sure you seize those moments by having your family portraits taken.


Upward and onward...

Congratulations, you're graduating and will soon be on your journey.  You'll be developing new friendships and forging your own path.  But don't move so fast that you forget how you got to where you are.  Your family and friends have been there all along your adventure.    This is a moment that should be celebrated with everyone that helped shape the person you've become.  Share your appreciation by having your senior photos taken.